World Art Day

Any opportunity to celebrate art is always most welcome to me and World Art Day is one not to miss a quick mention of for this weekend on April 15th .

April 15th also happens to be the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci in 1452 an artist whose talents certainly embraced so many areas of the art world from drawing to music, mathematics, literature and botany, to name just a few!

Celebrating the fine arts this day promotes awareness of creativity worldwide. 'World Art Day celebrations hope to reinforce the links between artistic creations and society, encouraging greater awareness of the diversity of artistic expressions and highlighting the contribution of artists to sustainable development

There are of course so many amazing art forms, from Batik to wood crafts, jewellery, fashion, music and architecture that are celebrated and noted on this day. Most of us appreciate how art is such an all-encompassing force that can include everyone, young and old from all cultures and classes. It can be such a positive force for our mental health and overall motivation in life, helping us all to share our emotions and thoughts, awakening the senses and enabling us to share experiences in so many ways.

 I have been lucky enough to be able to enjoy my art as not only a hobby but also a career, where I have had the pleasure of sharing my work with many people and had the joy of seeing my works bringing happiness to others in their life. I have spent 90% of my working life making a living through art, selling my artworks, original batiks, designing all manner of art workshops for all ages with empowering workshops that have provided lasting memories for so many people, for which I am so grateful.

There are no limits as to how you can embrace art and share your visions with others, whatever your levels of talent. The world is your inspiration and motivation, providing a never-ending supply of ideas, colours, themes and moods that you can translate into art. You are only limited by your imagination and self-belief, so if you want to share your art in whatever way you feel works, whether that is drawing, painting, batiking or whatever way you feel you can express your art, then why not take World Art Day to make the most of this wonder!

Have fun!

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