05. July 2023
The  Arts & Crafts Movement  & How It Has Influenced My Work
Every artist, no matter what their style or medium is in some way influenced by other forces in their life, whether that is music, lifestyle, architecture or indeed other artists. The Arts & Crafts movement is one which has certainly had a truly positive impact on my art over the years and continues to inspire and make me happy. The late C19th saw the beginning of a big change in society with the Arts & Crafts movement developing and completely reforming design and manufacturing from...
20. June 2023
How Art Helps Children Discover Their Creative Identity
We all know how children are such little sponges, soaking up new experiences and art can be one of the most exciting and rewarding moments for so many children and from such a young age. Since I graduated I have spent 90% of my working life creating art and making a living through selling my artworks, cards and original batiks, designing all manner of art workshops for all ages and abilities, in schools and in community groups, from Junk puppet making, shadow puppets, felt making, body mapping,...
15. June 2023
The Beauty of Glass & Art
Having studied glass at university I have taken on some wonderful commissions for glass sandblasting in architecture.
06. June 2023
How We Can Help On National Clean Air Day
Thursday 15th June is Clean Air Day, a massive UK campaign raising awareness about air pollution, something I very much support and am constantly very tuned into when creating my art.
01. June 2023
Combining Art & Holiday – What Could Be Better ?
As the weather improves we can all start thinking about those glorious summer holidays, whether home or abroad and I think trying to focus on my love of art with a holiday seems like the perfect combination.
24. May 2023
Does Your Art Style Your Home?
Bringing the outside in is something we hear so often and I must say, a theory I totally follow! How could anyone not be uplifted and motivated by including as much of the nature and activity we see outside our window, inside our homes.
18. May 2023
Be Cool & Bee Aware! It’s World Bee Day 20th May 2023
So as it’s World Bee Day on 20th May this felt like a great time to highlight these little guys and their absolute beauty, just a little more!
09. May 2023
Why Are Garden Shows Now Attracting The Art Crowds ?
The importance of the garden has always played such a very significant role in the UK. We do love our gardens, the beauty, escapism, benefits and rewards they give us.
02. May 2023
Do Your Walks Inspire The Artist In You? Let National Walking Month Motivate You
As an artist who is constantly inspired by the beauty of the nature surrounding me, walking has become a significant part of my life and an activity that motivates me with new ideas and styles, so I for one am excited to help promote National Walking Month this May to encourage everyone to make walking a regular habit in whatever way they can.
25. April 2023
How The Power of Art & Batik Continues To Inspire Children
As an artist who truly celebrates nature in all its beauty, the studio of William Morris with his group of artists and designers have always been a big inspiration to me. William Morris said, ‘Wherever nature works there will be beauty’ we all know this is so true!

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