Do Your Walks Inspire The Artist In You? Let National Walking Month Motivate You

As an artist who is constantly inspired by the beauty of the nature surrounding me, walking has become a significant  part of my life and an activity that motivates me with new ideas and styles, so I for one am excited to help promote National Walking Month this May to encourage everyone to make walking a regular habit in whatever way they can.

“The rare and protected flora and fauna of the Malvern Hills” by pupils at West Malvern Primary school
“The rare and protected flora and fauna of the Malvern Hills” by pupils at West Malvern Primary school

Apparently just as little as 20 minutes walking every day can have a huge impact on your physical health and of course the impact walking has on your mental health is only limited by our imagination. Sometimes perhaps we don’t look up enough, now is the time to turn the phone off and really notice what is all around us. There is plenty to be motivated by on walks, especially this time of year as the earth seems to come to life more than ever, heralding Spring.

Colours, shapes, smells, movement, light, dark, shadows, can all add to the process that inspires me when I return to my studio. There is so much activity in nature that I absorb on a walk from the dandelions and pollinators to the bees and ladybirds, the beauty really is endless and so exciting! So many complex interactions are captured in my work, recording and therefore highlighting the importance of our incredible ecosystem.

Woodland Spring
Woodland Spring

Coming from a family of horticulturists, gardeners and bird watchers, it’s no surprise that my life has developed around nature and embracing the wonder of being outside and that this has influenced my path in life in a big way. I have also tried my best to explore this in my art and birdwatching holidays which I organise and have become so popular in  Portugal, where my guests learn art techniques whilst living in a truly beautiful and unique setting exploring birdwatching and wildlife on some stunning walks. So if you want to walk just that little further do come and enjoy with us!

Spring is definitely one of the best times to explore and find new walks and as a regular walker in the AONB Malvern Hills, even with lockdown, I haven’t exhausted the number of new and exciting walks to  discover. There are so many regular stories encouraging us to embrace nature and no doubt lockdown helped many to appreciate the healing powers of nature in an even stronger way, as we all regularly searched for those more remote and undiscovered walks. Nature and the land is very giving in so many ways and I am especially lucky and appreciative to have so much beauty on my doorstep.

So if you can get out and have that regular walk I hope you enjoy it and are inspired in whatever you do in life by your time in nature, which could even be a walk in the garden and that when you get back to the office, home or wherever it is, you feel just as uplifted and artistically inspired, as I do!

Enjoy National Walking Month and let your artistic imagination run wild !

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