Himalayan Poppies And The Malvern Hills Giclee Print

blue himalyan poppy print malvern hills summer flower butterfly bee insect meadow botanical flower art artwork

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The detailed blue of the Himalayan poppies (Meconopsis) sway in the breeze, with a holly Blue, small Blue, bees and Adonis Blue Butterfly fluttering around them. The background shows the Malvern hills with a delicate blue crackle in the pale white sky above. The foreground is rich with green foliage and brown seedpods from the poppies. The original batik was created at the same time as the welsh poppy and malvern hills design, this one was for a customer who wanted blues and greens only so the Himalayan poppies were the perfect choice of flower!

Himalayan Poppies And The Malvern Hills Giclee Batik Print


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