Barn Owl and Full Moon Shadows Table Lamp

Barn owl tall table lamp bedside ambient mood lighting interior decor bird lover twitcher snow scene

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This elegant cylindrical table lamp holds one of my favourite images of Barn owls, with a limited colour palette of grey, blue, cream and white. Two barn owls, one in flight and one barn owl perching with the full moon casting shadows of the oak trees over the snow. Perfect for a bedside table, for a wildlife lover and Harry Potter fan!


The lamp is all in one, with a switch on the cable and a plug, with all safety regulations adhered to. The barn owl design is my own unique batik design created as an original painting in 2018 when a heavy snow fall inspired this piece with the bright full moon casting dark shadows over the blankets of pure white snow, the owls were also spotted flying up the lane on my way home late one night. I had to put the two together, the beauty of the snow blew me away.

Barn Owl and Full Moon Shadows Table Lamp

- Barn owl and full moon shadows from print of original batik

- height 450mm diameter 150mm

- Giclee pigment - fade resistant inks
- flame resistant lining fabric

- giclee print available in same design


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