Grassholm Gannets Giclee Print Of Original Batik

Grassholm northern gannets batik painting print sea bird fine art bird lover twitcher gift

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Another boat trip, but this time a rough one, on a bright blue sky day, with hidden undercurrents. I was so excited to visit the gannets but didn’t anticipate the 40 minutes of hanging on to an inflatable rib for dear life! We manoeuvred the boat around to the back of this tiny guano covered rock called Grassholm off the Pembrokeshire coast to be met with the most incredible sight. It was covered in 100’s of paired up cream gannets, with their black eyeliner surrounding piercing blue eyes - an artists dream…. So after taking many photographs as it wasn’t possible to draw I produced 2 batiks.

Grassholm Gannets Giclee Batik Print


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