The Wick - Skomer Puffins Giclee Batik Print

the wick skomer island puffins fine art print coastl sea bird scene

By now you probably can see that I have a love for Puffins, their quirky ways, clumsiness and charm. This design was inspired by the most well known part of Skomer Island where these birds are in such abundance you can almost touch them. I wanted to show how happy they are in close proximity to one another with one in its burrow. The Island is full of wild flowers, the one on this batik is called Bladder Campion, and in May it is everywhere. The sea and the background foliage has been batiked in a very free way using splashes of wax and brush prints.

The Wick - Skomer Puffins Giclee Batik Print

- includes mount (frame not included)


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